IMC technology

IMC technology

Polyurethane elastomers are known for their excellent strength. Use of certain tones has been limited, because polyurethanes tend to change their colour under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. IMC, in-mould coating, is an alternative to post-mould coating.

The mould is sprayed with IMC paint in connection with casting, whereby the coating becomes an integral part of the item cast. IMC protects the product against wear and weather. The IMC technology can be used with all Profmer materials.

The IMC technology enables the following in our products, for example:

  • bright tones (RAL, NCS, Pantone colour charts)
  • functional properties, for example, chlorine/detergent resistance
  • various surface textures.

As compared to post-mould coating, IMC is a cost-efficient method shortening the product turnaround time from production to customer delivery.