Raw materials

Raw materials

Materials can be

  • dyed throughout
  • post-coated
  • inserts can be integrated in products

Integral polyurethane – soft integral

The material’s best feature is its durability under circumstances where the product is constantly subjected to heavy wear.

In heavy industry, soft integral polyurethane is used in bus armrests and seats. It is also used in tractors, as well as in forestry machines and other agricultural machinery where good shock absorption capacity and excellent durability under heavy loads are required.

Elastic polyurethane

Used, for example, in mining and civil engineering industry machinery and production equipment where impact resistance and damping capacity are required.

The material can be used to manufacture products of customized hardness.

Hard polyurethane

Hard polyurethanes are suitable for applications requiring mechanical durability.

The material is suitable for the manufacture of various casings, display frames, control panels, remote control equipment, and machinery products.